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Updates about Class Proceedings

CLASS ACTION : Manuge (2) v. Her Majesty the Queen - February 2021 Update

For all information and updates about the ongoing class proceeding Manuge v. Her Majesty the Queen, please refer to the following website: https://vetspensionerror.ca/

CLASS ACTION SETTLEMENT : Toth v. Her Majesty the Queen - January 2021 Update

Please be advised that the Registration period for Toth v. Her Majesty the Queen has closed, and that the class action is now finalized.

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***NEW BOOK***

Given the upcoming reform of the National Defence Act, the current state of the Canadian Armed Forces and the review of the military justice system, please consult our most recent and most current published book, Canada's Military Justice System is in a Meltdown: Will Government Act?,

Recent Notable Court Appearances

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Recent Publications and Media Appearances

Over the years, members of the MDLO team have been interviewed and quoted by several newspapers, journals, and media, including - but not limited to - the following:

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Perhaps of particular interest given the ongoing 3rd independent review of the military justice system, for access to the rare and in short supply text Behind the Times: Modernization of Canadian Military Criminal Justice, please click here, and for access to Winds of Change: Conference and Debate on Canadian Military Law, please click here.

Colonel (ret'd) Michel W. Drapeau is available for comment on many matters of journalistic interest. To view on our most recent notable publications and notable media appearances:

Sexual Misconduct

sexual misconduct, sexual assault, aggravated sexual assault, sexual harassment, harassment investigations, etc.

Civilian Oversight

Parliament, ombudsman, Minister of National Defence, MGERC, MPCC, inspector general, auditor general, access to information and privacy

Other Miscellaneous Topics

Remembrance Day, Covid-19, Politics, Notable Cases, etc.

Military Law 

military grievances, complaints, Code of Service Discipline offences, administrative reviews, military police, terms of service, etc.

Canadian Military Justice

Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, human rights, victims of crime, Courts martial, military tribunals, overview and reform of the military justice system, etc.

Veterans Law and Class Actions

Disability benefits, pension, Veterans Affairs Canada, etc.