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DND CAF military complaint lawyer

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Recent Notable Court Appearances

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Collaborative Agreement between MDLO and the VLAF

Veterans Legal Assistance Legal Aid

MDLO is pleased to announce a collaboration with the Veterans Legal Assistance Foundation for all veterans eligible for funding. More information about the VLAF's eligibility criteria is available on their website:

MDLO has been recognized as ideally suitable to serve veterans across Canada, regardless of location. Since 2002, MDLO has been proudly serving military and RCMP veterans and their families. Our focus and experience in this area of law is second to none. With wide use of client meetings by videoconference, MDLO has earned a track record of success representing veterans from across Canada and abroad.

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Updates about Class Proceedings

CLASS ACTION : Manuge (2) v. Her Majesty the Queen - February 2021 Update

For all information and updates about the ongoing class proceeding Manuge v. Her Majesty the Queen, please refer to the following website:

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