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War in Ukraine

Joe Pavia, "Bombing Ukraine homes should be considered a war crime, say Canadian experts", CBC News, (9 March 2022). Click here.

TVA Nouvelles, L'Ukraine donne du fil à retordre à l'armée russe", (26 février 2022). Cliquez ici.


Murray Brewster, "Former top NORAD commander was investigated for months after defence department said he broke no rules", CBC News (21 October 2021). Click here.

Christopher Nardi, "Fortin's allegations may prove politics supersedes all in handling of military's misconduct crisis: expert", National Post, (15 June 2021). Click here.

Tonya McCharles, "Former vaccine boss sues to get job back, blames Justin Trudeau and top ministers for ‘improper’ removal’", The Star, Ottawa Bureau, (15 June 2021). Click here.


Peter Mazereeuw, "‘I’m surprised that they haven’t cut him loose’: political pressure mounts on Sajjan as military controversies pile up", The Hill Times, (17 May 2021). Click here.

Christopher Nardi, "Sajjan's most difficult mission: Former 'badass' soldier now finds himself under fire as defence minister", National Post, (10 May 2021). Click here.

Jacques Gallant, "Liberals and Bloc shut down probe of allegations of sexual misconduct in Canada’s military", The Toronto Star, (12 April 2021). Click here.

Roy Green, "Roy Green: Opportunity awaits Erin O'Toole", Global News, (28 August 2020). Click here. 

Roy Green, “Roy Green: Could there be a pre-Christmas election for Erin O’Toole and the Conservatives?”, Global News, (14 September 2020). Click here.

Lee Berthiaume, "Opposition parties blame Trudeau government for 'chaos' in Canadian military", The Canadian Press, (10 July 2019). Click here.

Blair Crawford, “A citizenship judge as Canada Day nears: <You can be whatever you want to become>”, Ottawa Citizen, (28 June 2019). Click here.

Joyce Napier, "Cabinet meets in London, Ontario", CTV News, Power Play episode # 481 (12 January 2018). Click here.

Anne Caroilne Desplanques, "Convoi de la liberté: la police militaire enquête sur neuf militaires actifs", Journal de Montréal, (18 février 2022). Cliquez ici.


Francis Pilon, "Le Mexique en tête des pays où des Canadiens sont tués", TVA Nouvelles, (21 novembre 2021). Cliquez ici.

Charles Lecavalier, "Le Québec accueillera des réfugiés", Le journal de Québec (16 août 2021). Cliquez ici.

La Rédaction, "L’armée canadienne à un tournant: une Journée des Forces armées canadiennes sous le signe du défi", 45e Nord, (6 juin 2021). Cliquez ici.

Guillaume St-Pierre, "Sajjan doit partir", Le journal de Québec, (30 avril 2021). Cliquez ici.


Lee Berthiaume, "Court martial planned for soldier who criticized vaccine mandates, led march to Ottawa", The Canadian Press, (5 July 2022). Click here.


Victor Tangermann, "Canada charges soldier with mutiny for refusing to distribute Covid vaccines" The Byte, (26 May 2021). Click here.

David Pugliese, “Soldier who called on troops to refuse vaccine distribution faces mutiny related charge” Ottawa Citizen, (25 May 2021). Click here.

CTV News, "It's just sheer shock: Military analyst on Fortin", (15 May 2021). Click here.

Charlie Pinkerton, "Privacy concerns complicate vaccine passports", iPolitics, (15 March 2021). Click here.

Jean-Louis Fortin, "Notre armée, pour les autres?" L:e Journal de Montréal, (10 avril 2021). Cliquez ici.

Daniel Boucher Perso, "La mission de l’armée dans les CHSLD", Ici Radio-Canada, (29 mai 2020). Cliquez ici.

Recruitment, Diversity and Inclusion

Anne Caroline Desplanques, "L’armée peine à recruter et à garder les femmes: Les violences sexuelles minent l’atteinte des objectifs établis par les militaires", Le Journal de Montréal, (29 mars 2021). Cliquez ici.

Benoît Dutrizac, "Les femmes n'ont pas confiance en l'armée et le système de justice militaire, dit Michel Drapeau", QUB Radio, (29 mars 2021). Cliquez ici. 

Michel Drapeau, avec Michel Picard, "Recrutement des militaires", 94,5 Unique FM, (12 février 2018). Cliquez ici.

Michel Drapeau, "Recruiting: a National Priority", Esprit de Corps, (16 May 2023). Click here.

Murray Brewster, “Department of Defence hiring high-level culture czar to fight sexual misconduct and racism in ranks”, CBC News, (23 April 2021). Click here.

Procurement and Financial Resources

Michel W. Drapeau & Stéfanie Bédard, "Why aren't cadets and rangers fed fresh foods?", (April 2021) 28:3 Esprit de Corps 42. Click here.

Michel W. Drapeau, "Does 'Canada First' apply to feeding our cadets?", The Hill Times, (30 December 2020). Click here.

Brigitte Bureau & Giacomo Panico, "Canadian military unable to account for all lost weapons", CBC News, (8 March 2016). Click here.

Boris Proulx, "Beaucoup d'objets sont perdus dans l'armée", Le journal de Montréal, (12 janvier 2018). Cliquez ici, 

Remembrance Day

Stefan Keyes, "Honouring Canada's Fallen", CTV News, (17 August 2019). Click here.

Stefan Keyes, "It allows soldiers to mourn", CTV News, (17 August 2019). Click here.

Pierre Donais, "Célébrations à Ottawa pour le jour du souvenir", TVA Direct, (11 novembre 2020). Cliquez ici

Agence QMI, "Campagne des coquelicots: des millions qui dorment pour les vétérans", Le Journal de Montréal, (10 novembre 2015). Cliquez ici.

Alleged Breach of Trust:

Vice Chief of Defence Staff Norman

CPAC, "Lawyer breaks down Mark Norman decision by Crown", (8 May 2019). Click here.

"Power Play: Pre-trial for Mark Norman continues", CTV News, (29 January 2019). Click here.


Murray Brewster, "Two probes launched into claims that military blocked information requests in Norman case", CBC News, (29 January 2019). Click here.


Murray Brewster, "Mark Norman's military corruption trial will play out during the 2019 election campaign", CBC News, (3 September 2018). Click here.

 Murray Brewster, "Mark Norman says he has <a story to tell> - but can he tell it?", CBC News, (16 May 2019). Click here.


Murray Brewster, "Mark Norman says he's <anxious to get to court> in breach-of-trust case", CBC News, (10 April 2018). Click here

CPAC, "Une décision importante (vice-amiral Mark Norman)- Michel Drapeau", (9 mai 2019). Cliquez ici.

Alleged Fraude and Code of Service Discipline offences: Chief Military Justice Dutil

La rédaction, "Après un désaveu en Cour fédérale, retrait de toutes les accusations contre le juge militaire en chef", 45e, (12 mars 2020). Cliquez ici.


Michel Drapeau, "Un grand ménage s’impose après le procès avorté du juge Dutil", 45e (20 juin 2019). Cliquez ici

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